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Our “Modern” Educational System Is Destroying Creativity

Education & ScienceJohn Purdue believed that education was the flame that lit the world. We couldn’t agree more. Whether you aspire to teach individuals as a trainer, administrator, faculty counselor, psychologist, corporate coach, researcher, or professor — we’ll assist you to get there. We work to find and develop human potential. Including gender identification means the school district — taking its directives from openly-homosexual Premier Kathleen Wynn and her Liberal Get together — has completely capitulated to the LGBT community’s transgender agenda. The one where chromosomal reality is irrelevant and self-identification is the one factor figuring out whether one is male or female.

Professor Lidsky shouldn’t be a con legislation professor. In fact, she has held administrative posts before and is Dean for all Graduate Packages. She is vibrant, energetic, and experienced. But this statement suggests there’s something unsuitable with Professor Lidsky. The tax program is fortunate to have her. I perceive …